Race Series Oiling System 7075


Kits include a RACE SERIES® oil pump, RACE SERIES® lifters, HIGH FLOW camplate, gaskets and O-rings.

High Flow Camplate 8015


• FEULING® HIGH FLOW camplates for TC® engines increase engine oil flow and volume. Made from 7075 billet aluminum that is 50% harder and stronger than the factory, SE® and other aftermarket camplates

O.E. Plus Camplate 8033


Billet camplates are manufactured from 6061 aluminum providing increased rigidity, accepts  the factory oil pump. Chain and Gear Drive 

O.E. + Conversion Camplate 8032


Billet camplates are manufactured from 6061 aluminum providing increased rigidity. TC99 - 06, Except 06 Dyna - has the original style 99 - 06 cam bearing bores.

Lifters, Pushrods & More

Race Series Lifters 4050


RACE SERIES® lifters maintain proper oil flow to the top end, increase engine RPM, valve-train stability, decreasing valve float promoting maximum valve lift. Recommended for both strip and performance street engines

Adj. Pushrods w/tubes 4097


This is the strongest Quick install pushrod on the market! TC 99-17, Individual length Exh, Int pushrods, Install WITHOUT the removal of rocker covers, kit includes 4 pushrods and chrome tubes

Cylinder Stud Kit 3001


 Superior in strength and performance to any other cylinder stud head bolt kit on the market, this kit is designed to exceed the needs of high performance engines.

Race Series Oil Pump 7062


7075 Billet aluminum with military spec hard anodized, blue printed and designed for the racer!  '07 - '17 and 06 Dyna models, High volume RACE SERIES oil pump, 20%+ more pressure and 30%+ more return volume.