Harley oil pressure


PJ-2SS Pro-Just

 The PJ-2SS is specifically  designed for the HVHP oil pumps. With a full 1/4" of adjustment, high start up oil pressure is controlled and the lower warm engine oil pressure can then be adjusted up to be within factory specs. Includes the original three spring SP-1  Superpump-Kit.

SP-TC Pro-Pack

Performance oil pressure relief valve spring kit for all Twin Cams &  camplates. Includes three seperate color coded springs, three new split pins and the TC-EZ installation tool to simplify installation..


The original "Superpump-Kit". Includes three colored coded springs. Increases oil pressure in all aluminum bodied external oil pumps.

E.R.T. Products, Inc.


SP-TC Pro-Pack

Comes complete with three color coded springs, 

three 1/8 split pins and one TC-EZ installation tool.


PJ-2SS Pro-Pack

Complete kit, comes with three color coded springs & the PJ-2SS. For all high volume external oil pumps. ( '80 - '99 )


SP-1 Hardcore Pack

Comes complete with our PG-1 Pro-Gauge, the TPAD tappet adapter and our SP-1 three spring Superpump-Kit. 

'80-99 with external oil pump